Solutions Focused Cognitive Behavioural Theory

The Solutions Focused CBT approach to coaching was developed through Macquarie University and Sydney University.  This approach to coaching places emphasis on assisting the person being coached to define their desired future state and develop the goals and plans needed to achieve this future state. The approach is action-oriented rather than reflection based and uses the basic philosophy of “Use what is working and stop doing what is not working”.

The use of Cognitive Behavioural Theory with the Solutions Focused can deepen our understanding of the reactions, responses and potential blockers to achieving our goals.  Rather than dwelling on the negative or problem aspect CBT is used to act and think into a better future.

This approach has been through several controlled trials and has been demonstrated to be effective across multiple settings (such as workplace and life) and age groups.  Currently there is no other approach to coaching that has been as well researched or demonstrated to be as effective.