Individual Coaching

Coaching is about helping you change and grow. As your coach I work with you to help you understand what you want to achieve and how you can get there. You may be seeking to improve your skills in the workplace (for example communication) or to adjust to a new role (for example having staff reporting to you for the first time), coaching has been demonstrated to be effective in these and many other areas. Interestingly, research in has demonstrated that people being coached not only achieve their goals but there are knock on effects of the coaching in their lives, such as generally feeling better or being more satisfied with life.

Typically, I work with you between 3 and 12 times over a 3 to 9 month period, this depends on the nature of the coaching. During this time I will help you understand and define your goals, develop plans to achieve these goals and help you reflect on your successes and failures. Between the times when we are working is your time to take action on your plans. The process looks easy, but it can be challenging. I may need to give you feedback that makes you uncomfortable or challenges what you think; it’s these challenges that are going to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching can only be successful if you want to make a change. The coach will work with you to help understand what you want to achieve and help plan how you could get there, but the change is your change so you need to be willing to make it.