Individual Coaching

Coaching has been demonstrated to be an effective approach for personal development across many facets of work life.

Team Coaching

Teams are becoming the most common organisational structure but many teams do not achieve their potential.  Evaluating and effectively introducing changes to teams requires knowledge and experience that is different to working with individuals. 

Program Development

Workplace coaching and mentoring programs provide staff with opportunities to develop and grow.  To run these effectively requires experience in both coaching and program delivery. 


Solutions Focused CBT

The solutions focused cognitive behaviour approach is currently the only validated approach to coaching. 


Focusing on your strengths allows you to build on what you are good at rather than focusing on what is troubling you.

Lachlan Heasman

Lachlan Heasman

Lachlan Heasman is a coach, consultant and trainer. He has wide experience and knowledge in the software development and IT domain.  Lachlan has  worked as a coach on several major and many small change programs in Australia. Lachlan has a Masters in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney which gives him a unique (and often annoying) perspective on leadership and change (which he often shares without being asked). His industry experience includes retail and online banking, insurance, telecoms, media, retail, legal and government.